On August 9, OJSC VTB Bank purchased from European Bank of Reconstruction and Development 7,730,073 shares. This transaction was stipulated by the 2006 agreement between OJSC VTB Bank and EBRD. Due to this transaction, the share of OJSC VTB Bank in stated capital of JSC VTB Bank Georgia increased up to 92.57% and, accordingly, in the cashed capital – 96.16%.

On June 23, the shareholder of JSC VTB Bank Georgia – OJSC VTB Bank – purchased 38,008,734 out of emitted 43,500,000 shares, with nominal value of GEL 1.00 per share.

On June 18, the National Bank of Georgia has approved the final prospect of emission of JSC VTB Bank Georgia shares, on basis of which the capital of bank increased by GEL 43,500,000. At the first stage, the existing shareholders possess the preemptive right of purchase of the newly issued shares. Based on the mentioned right, OJSC VTB Bank, in proportion to its share, purchased 38,008,734 shares. The right to purchase of the remaining 5,491,266 shares still remains with the shareholders for 120 calendar days from the date of publication of the emission prospect.

On June 15, VTB Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development agreed upon restoring the funding line for trade operations. The volume of the funding made USD 5 million, with the prospects of increasing in the future.

On June 10, VTB Bank offered its customers the mortgage loans at new, favourable conditions.

On April 30, VTB Bank has opened new branch office in Poti. Poti population can use the services of renewed office at 13 Rustaveli Circle.

On April 12, the new branch office of VTB Bank opening ceremonial was held at 14 Chanturia St., Tbilisi 12. the branch is oriented towards providing services to the large corporate customers and offers legal entities wide range of banking products and highest quality services. At the opening ceremonial, the Bank has offered customers new service – VTB Private Banking, which is developed for the high income segment. The special service zones were allocated for the VTB Private Banking customers in corporate branch office of VTB Bank.