19 June 2012

VTB Summer Action on car loans

VTB Bank in cooperation with Kia Motors, Hundai Auto Georgia and IC Group presents Summer Action on Car Loans.

For the time of the offer, VTB Bank, Iberia Business Group, Hundai Auto Georgia and IC Group offer the customers unprecedented package of gifts. Every customer using Quick Car Loan service of VTB Bank in the period from June 11 to August 31 will have a unique chance to enjoy better loan conditions:

  • 12 month interest rate for free
  • 6 month car insurance for free
  • 0,5% annual decrease of insurance and interest rates
  • Reduced co-financing share – 15% instead of 30% 
Iberia Business Group will be offering persons interested in purchase in installments up to 1000 USD discount on Kia Optima and Kia Serrato models.

Hundai Auto Georgia will be presenting buyers of SONATA and SANTAFE models with I-Pad.

George Barkalaia, Head of VTB Bank Marketing and PR Department: “VTB in cooperation with its partners is offering the customers the unique chance not only to receive numerous gifts but also to enjoy improved loan conditions. Full package may be received on spot without leaving car sales center; all is required is ID and 20 minutes of your time. It’s the best offer on car loan market today.

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