10 October 2012

Business overdraft - new product for legal entities

Business overdraft is a very convenient loan instrument for your business!

Business overdraft within a pre-defined limit provides you with possibility to obtain additional monetary resource to cover current expenses of your business, such as payment of salary arrears, customs clearance of goods, repayment of tax debts, payments to suppliers and etc.
Mentioned loan product implies that within a pre-defined limit on account of your company negative debit balance will be allowed, that is, you will be given the opportunity to spend more money than you have in your account.

If necessary, you can use/ repay monetary funds any time without a preliminary consent of the bank.

To use a business overdraft you should have current turnover in VTB Bank (Georgia)

The procedure of business overdraft issuance is simplified
  • Business overdrafts of up to 40 000 $and up to 90 days will be issued without financial analysis and pledged collateral.
  • Business overdrafts of more than 40 000 $ will be issued on the basis of financial analysis and pledged collateral.
  • Overdrafts will be allowed in national currency, euro and US dollars.

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