31 October 2012

Bank VTB launches tha action over the loans for SME

From October 30 to November 30 inclusive VTB (Georgia) shall carry out a new action - „Minus 3 %“ which gives you unique chance to repay the current business credits in other bank or the credit organization by the business credit of VTB (Georgia) with lower interest rate.
Within an action VTB (Georgia) shall extend loans of up to GEL 250,000  (or an equivalent in USD and Euro), the maximum term of the credit will be up to 84 months.

The credit extended  by VTB (Georgia) can exceed the sum necessary for repayment of obligations in other bank, the difference may be used by you for development of your business, in particular:
  • Replenishment of inventory holdings
  • Financing of short-term needs of business 
  • Purchase \repair of fixed assets
  • Purchase \repair of the commercial area
  • Financing of export and import operations 
  • Transportation \customs clearance of commodity raw materials 
Credits shall be extended within no more than 2 working days, by simplified procedure that will allow you to save time and will create the maximum comfort.  
Within an action you may repay  standard credits (with the repayment schedule), seasonal credits and lines of credit.  

For participation in an action the following minimum requirements are provided:
  • Experience of business activity -not less than 12 months. 
  • Existence of the current credit in other bank
  • Not less than 9- month positive credit history of the borrower in rival bank 
Note: minimum percentage limit in US dollars and euro - 11 %, in GEL- 13 %

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