14 January 2013

VTB Bank nominated Nini Tsnobiladze for its favorite in “New Voice”

January13 the grand final show of the “New Voice” was held on air of TV Imedi, where out of the four finalists the people’s favorite and the winner of the first season of the project turned to be Salome Katamadze. The second prize went to Nini Tsnobiladze, and she was the one nominated for the bank’s favorite to whom the bank awarded 2 weeks travel in Great Britain and 20 000 GEL. 

While this travel the favorite of VTB Bank will be present to the shows of four megastars: Rihanna; Maroon 5; Robbie Williams and Michael Bubble.

The bank kept in secret its prize to the end and announced only on the final show. 

The head of the Marketing and Public Relations Department of VTB Bank George Barkalaya stated: 
VTB Bank nominated for its favorite one of the most remarkable participants Nini Tsnobiladze. We consider Nini as the real new voice and undoubtedly the most gifted singer. At the same time it shall be underlined that was the first project for Nini who almost had no professional experience before. Nevertheless she acted brilliantly in all the tours and deserved the second prize with dignity. We are sure Nini will succeed and great music career is awaiting her. 

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