Within the privileged Agro loan project, VTB Bank has financed LLC «Vaziani Company» in the amount of 600,000 USD

For construction of a plant for wine production, VTB Bank  approved loan for LLC «Vaziani Company» in the amount of 1 550 000 (one million five hundred fifty thousand) U.S. dollars. 600 000 (six hundred thousand) U.S. dollars of this amount was issued within the privileged Agro loan project.

The amount of 600 000 (six hundred thousand) U.S. dollars refers to the third component of the Agro loan project – Investment Agro loans. In accordance with project conditions, purpose of loan issued within the third component, is the creation of new agricultural enterprises and mentioned loan interest rate is not more than 3 %.  

The remaining amount of the total sum -  950 000 (nine hundred and fifty thousand) U.S. dollars was financed by Bank VTB. Purpose of the mentioned loan is turnover assets financing and purchasing of fixed assets for plant.  

LLC «Vaziani Company» is corporate client of VTB Bank, company's field of activity is wine production and realization. Wine produced by “Vaziani Company” is exported to Ukraine, Kazakhstan and China. 

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