25 November 2015

VTB Bank (Georgia) and Toyota Center Tbilisi offer joint campaign to the customers

From November 25 to February 29, VTB Bank (Georgia), jointly with Toyota Center Tbilisi, offers individuals, desiring to purchase a car, two year interest-free loan.

VTB Bank (Georgia) loan can be received without leaving a car saloon, only by presenting an ID card.

Within the framework of the campaign, buyers of Toyota vehicles will receive following gifts:

  • Winter tires;
  • Free 1 year car maintenance and service;
  • 1 year discount on fuel;
  • 1 year unlimited car wash;
  • Stone chip windshield protection film exclusively from the company AM.GE.

Under the campaign, VTB Bank (Georgia) offers a loan with improved conditions: Interest rate 0% (effective interest rate 1.15%), borrower’s contribution from 20%, commission fee for loan disbursement 0%, commission fee for premature repayment 0%.

Loan application can also be filled on the web-site of VTB Bank (Georgia).

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