30 December 2015

In year 2015 VTB Bank (Georgia) allocated 3 000 000 GEL for financing Social Responsibilities

In year 2015 VTB Bank (Georgia) allocated three million GEL for financing Social Responsibilities. Those funds provided significant financial aid to Georgian sport and culture.

VTB Bank (Georgia) is a general sponsor of National Rugby and Water Polo teams, Sports Gymnastics Federation and Equestrian Sports Federation. During the 2015 substantial financial support was provided for youth rugby and football teams, motorsport, different sports competitions and events. Special attention must be paid to the VTB Bank (Georgia) support to the National Rugby Team during the Rugby World Cup. Upon initiative of the Bank, fans support campaign - #მევარმე16 was held, which was joined by numerous commercial companies, various sports federations, teams, diplomatic corps and thousands of fans.

In 2015, VTB Bank (Georgia) actively financed cultural projects – various concerts, theater festivals and plays were held under general sponsorship of the Bank. Sponsorship of Rustaveli, Griboedov and Telavi theaters was prolonged. VTB Bank (Georgia) traditionally supports educational projects for children and students.

Financing of charity projects also increased in 2015. In aid to victims of June 13 flood VTB Bank (Georgia) initially allocated one percent of income for year 2014 – 207 575 GEL. Later, the Bank financed rehabilitation and renovation works of totally destroyed Gymnastics Federation building, devastated by aforementioned hazard, by 1 200 000 GEL (one million and two hundred thousand).

CEO of the VTB Bank (Georgia), Archil Kontselidze stated:

It has been 10 years of successful operation for the VTB Bank (Georgia) in Georgia. Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of our activities, as in our opinion, Bank’s success must be conditioned not only by financially profitable projects, but also by fulfilling responsibilities to the society. We actively financed sport for it being a foundation to a healthy future generation, so we gradually, year by year, increased financing in this direction. In year 2015, VTB Bank (Georgia) allocated total of three million GEL as our understanding is that support of sport, culture, educational and charity projects promotes advancement and development of the society. 

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