15 April 2016

VTB Bank (Georgia) Disbursed Agro-Loans Worth 11,5 Million GEL

As of 1st quarter 2016, VTB Bank (Georgia) disbursed 446 Agro Loans worth of total 11,5 million GEL. Of these, 4,7 million GEL were disbursed within the program of preferential agro loans. The latter program envisages financing fixed agricultural assets and creation of new enterprises. In first quarter, increase of VTB Bank (Georgia) agro-loan portfolio reached 10%.

Preferential Agro-Loans’ Program was launched in spring 2013 and VTB Bank (Georgia) actively involved from the very beginning, disbursing loans within all available components. Financed fields include: crop production, viticulture, livestock breeding, poultry breeding, greenhouse enterprises, arrangement of warehouse and refrigeration enterprises, agricultural products’ processing plants and etc.

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