1 November 2010

A friendly game of rugby for Tbilisi “Devebi” and Moscow “Dragons”

Gori’s central stadium hosted a friendly game of rugby between the amateur clubs Tbilisi “Devebi” and Moscow “Dragons” on 30 October. VTB Bank was the general sponsor of the “Devebi” team with the players wearing new uniforms sporting the logo of the Bank.

The match turned out to be rather interesting and tense as well. In the first half, both teams had two attempts to score although neither could find the conversion kick and the first half ended in a draw with the score 10:10. The second half continued in the same way although the “Devebi” quickly took over with two attempts and carrying out the conversion kick. The match ended in favour of the Georgians with a score of 22:10.

In spite of the bad weather, the mood at the Gori stadium was good with audience waving Georgian flags and strongly supporting the “Devebi.”

At the end of the match, the “Devebi” sent off the guest team with a standing ovation following the rugby tradition but not before posing for a joint photograph together.

VTB Bank congratulates the “Devebi” club on their win!

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