VTB Bank – General Sponsor of Rustaveli Theatre

VTB Bank presents the first premier of the 135th anniversary season of Rustaveli theatre

On 23 and 24 November State Drama Theatre named after Shota Rustaveli and Modern Choreography Development Fund named after George Aleksidze would like to bring to your attention performance by Mariam Aleksidze „Kharira “.

Play „Kharira“ is choreographic performance, based on the music of Jansug Kakhidze and performed by drama and modern ballet-dancers. A musical version of the play belongs to Vakhtang Kakhidze. Performance is accompanied by 21 musical compositions of Jansug Kakhidze. Story is told in the choreographic language in the form of separate novels, built by the dramatic principle of one musical composition.

We take this opportunity to remind you that VTB Bank is general sponsor of Rustaveli theatre for already two years.

According to the statement of VTB Bank Financial Director Mamuka Menteshashvili: VTB Bank distinguished for high corporate and social responsibility and actively supports Georgian culture and sport. Rustaveli theatre is one of the main theatres of the country. With our support theatre implemented many projects and offered its spectators plenty of interesting premiers. The successful cooperation of VTB Bank and the Rustaveli theatre lasts already for 2 years.

VTB Bank - General Sponsor of Rustaveli Theatre

VTB Bank and Rustaveli Theatre have signed the two-year Sponsorship Agreement. With this, VTB once again confirms that it is playing the significant role in Georgian culture development.
With the support of VTB Bank, Rustaveli Theatre is planning to arrange 14 premieres and other events. The details of the mentioned Agreement were presented to media by risk director of VTB Bank Mr. Niko Chkhetiani and director of Rustaveli Theatre Zaal Chikobava.

According to the risk director of VTB Bank Niko Chkhetiani, “Rustaveli Theatre is the indivisible part of Georgian culture. With our support, the theatre will offer its audience 14 premieres and many other news during the following two years. It is a priority of VTB Bank to participate in development of culture and arts. Relationships, foundation for which has been laid down today, will be successful both for the theatre and the society”.

Manager of Rustaveli Theatre Zaal Chikobava: “I am glad that the foundations for this cooperation have been laid. In general, I think that support of the financial institutions is and always was essential for any field of the arts and especially for the theatres. It is excellent that our cooperation starts with the bank which was always actively involved in the cultural life of the country and plays significant role in its development. I hope that our business relations will transform into friendship and together we will implement many interesting projects, and finally, cooperation with VTB Bank will support Rustaveli Theatre development”.

Rustaveli Theatre presented the premiere of “Oliver!” Musical with the support of VTB Bank

Rustaveli Theatre has staged the largest scale and highest budget musical in the history of Georgia – “Oliver!”.
Musical “Oliver!” was written in 1960 by British composer libretto author Lionel Bart. It is based on the first part of famous Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist.

The show was accepted very warmly from the very first performance. In 1963, Lionel Bart, Donald Pippin (conductor and musical director) and Sean Kenny (decorations and costumes) were awarded by Tony.

In 1968, the conversion of the musical has been created. After this, it has been staged in many countries of the world, and now it will be presented by Rustaveli Theatre.