Let’s Save Mokvi Gospel Together

The National Manuscript Centre keeps the most significant handwritten books and historic documents in Georgia.

The storage contains up 40,000 historic documents in Georgian and some 5,000 in foreign languages, dating back to V-XIX centuries.

One of the most important national treasures kept in the Centre is the Book of the Gospels copied in Mokvi Temple, Abkhazia in 1300 AD. It is distinguished for the unique miniatures made on the gold-foil and diverse ornamentals. The manuscript contains 162 miniature pictures made on the gold-foil, about 530 capital letters and richly ornamented headers.

Unfortunately, currently the book is in extremely poor condition. As time passes, the gold-foil and paint decay and fall off; accordingly, the miniatures also disappear. The monument requires urgent restoration.

VTB Bank (Georgia) decided to contribute into the process in this extremely significant effort and participated in the charity marathon-concert held in K. Marjanishvili State Theatre.