VTB Bank as a general sponsor of Georgian Gymnastics Federation 

VTB Bank and Georgian Gymnastics Federation have signed one-year Sponsorship Agreement.  With this Agreement VTB Bank became the General sponsor of the artistic gymnastics for a period of one year. Georgian Gymnastics Federation unites 5 types of sports, such as:  tramp lining, artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics and aerobics.  

The financial support of VTB Bank is aimed at purchasing a training platform, which is needed for training, preparation and performance of the athletes. 

According to the Financial Director of VTB Bank  Mamuka Menteshashvili: 
VTB Bank actively supports the development of sports in Georgia, as you already know we are financing such sports as Rugby and auto-sport, as of today we have become partners of the Georgian Gymnastics Federation. We are especially proud of the fact that VTB Bank is the first official sponsor of the Federation. With this support 400 teenagers and athletes will have an opportunity to train effectively. I hope the support of VTB Bank will have a positive influence on the success of the athletes and will initiate the popularization of this sport. 

According to the President of Georgian Gymnastics Federation Merab Chikobava: 
This cooperation will contribute to the development of this type of sport and to the preparation for European Youth Olympic Festival of 2015.