Equestrian Federation

Between VTB Bank (Georgia) and Georgian Equestrian Federation was signed Agreement of general sponsorship.

In the period of general sponsorship, the financial support of VTB Bank will be aimed at sportsmen’s preparation for competitions, servicing and participation in international tournaments.

Georgian Equestrian Federation was founded in 1993, since 1999 is a member of International Federation. It unites professional riders in the three Olympic equestrian disciplines: show jumping (hurdle race), dressage and horse racing.

On the part of VTB Bank the agreement was signed by Financial Director of the Bank Mamuka Menteshashvili, and on the part of Georgian Equestrian Federation by Secretary General of the Federation Bakar Gachechiladze.

VTB Bank (Georgia) Financial Director Mamuka Menteshashvili declared: “VTB Bank actively provides support to Georgian culture and sports, we are gratified that Georgian Equestrian Federation became one of the sponsorship projects implemented by our Bank. We wish all sportsmen good luck in the hope that the support of VTB Bank may help in the development of equestrian sport.”