“Saburtalo” Football Club

On December, 2013, at a Stadium “Bendela” named after Zaza Bendeliani, the joint Press-conference and Sponsorship Agreement signing ceremony was held between VTB Bank (Georgia) and Football club “Saburtalo”. In the period of general sponsorship, the financial support of Bank will be aimed at sportsmen’s preparation for competitions, servicing and participation in international tournaments.

“Saburtalo” Football team was founded in 1999; it unites up to 800 football players playing in a different age category teams. Since 2013 club is the participant of Georgia Championship first league.

On the part of VTB Bank the agreement was signed by Retail Business Director Valerian Gabunia and on the part of Football club “Saburtalo by the President of the Club Tariel Khechikashvili.

VTB Bank Retail Business Director Valerian Gabunia declared: “We initially chose two main directions of corporate and social responsibility policy: sport and culture. Accordingly we are trying to provide support to various theatres and the sports teams of Georgia. We are gratified that with a financial support of VTB Bank many interesting projects were implemented and this relationship was largely successful for sports teams.”