Tariffs for the Legal Entities

Account Opening GEL 10
Issuing Statement and other Notifications/Certificates
Issuing statement in Georgian GEL 2
Issuing statement in English/Russian GEL 30
Archived Statements GEL 30
Issuing notifications/certificates in Georgian GEL 20
Issuing notifications/certificates in English/Russian GEL 30
Restore of documents from archive GEL 30
Closing accounts upon customer request Free of Charge
Annual maintenance fee of dormant accounts GEL 10
Monthly maintenance fee of active accounts of legal entities GEL 2
Cash Transactions
Depositing Free of Charge
GEL 0.2% (GEL 1 min)
Foreign currency 0.6%
Withdrawal within the limits of deposited funds (national currency) Free of Charge
Exchange of old and damaged USD banknotes 4 %
Issuing Cheque-books:
25 pages GEL 15
Currency Conversions
In-bank spot conversion Bank rate
Wire Transfers
Transfers within the bank (GEL, foreign currency) Free of Charge
Transfers in national currency outside the Bank 0.07% (GEL 1 min)
Transfers in foreign currency outside the Bank at customers expense:
USD/other currency 0.2% (USD 15 min)
EUR/GBP 0.2% (EUR 15 min)
With the guaranty of the complete amount transfer by the receiver outside the system of VTB Bank USD/EUR Outside the bank in foreign currency the transfer tariff + USD/EUR 25
Return of funds received erroneously to the non-correspondent bank:
USD/other currency USD 20
Amendments to transfer details upon customers request
USD/other currency USD 40
Issuance of transfer confirmation document upon customers request GEL 15
Issuance of archived transfer confirmation document upon customers request GEL 15
Requesting back transferred funds upon customers request USD 40 + correspondent bank fee
Commission on informing customer upon non-completion of Russian Ruble transfer USD 7
Within Tbilisi To be agreed
Outside Tbilisi To be agreed