Loan Facilities


  • Acquisition of fixed assets;
  • Modernization/repair of production facilities;
  • Working capital financing;
  • Import/Export financing.

General Terms:

  • Tenor of 5 years in case of financing modernization/repair of production facilities;
  • Tenor of 2 years in case of working capital financing;
  • Tenor of 2 years in case of import/export financing;
  • Loan repayment is undertaken as per agreed schedule.


  • At least 6 months experience of the borrower in the business to be funded; 
  • Profitability of the borrower, as proved by official financial statements;
  • Adequate experience of the borrower in banking relationships and sound credit conduct history;

Acceptable Collateral:

  • Real estate owned by the borrower or any other entity;
  • Private property of borrower company management and owners;
  • Liquid stock and inventory of the company;
  • Guarantee letter issued by the entities acceptable for the bank;
  • Cash deposits placed by other entities at VTB Bank.