VTB Bank offers our customers’ staff special payroll program. Staff using VTB salary cards benefit from timely receipt of salaries and withdrawal at any nearest ATM. 

Benefits of the Payroll Program

3 major benefits for the company:

  • Financial - no financial charges are associated with the salary disbursement: encashment, cash desk service, etc.
  • Time – Efficient use of time for salary disbursement: no queues, procedures, etc.
  • Human – no need for additional staff of accountants and cashiers for the company

3 major benefits for the company staff:

  • Financial – Simplified access to the credit facilities – consumer loans and credit cards in the amount of 10 times salary; salary overdrafts – 100% of salary amount, minimum 16%p.a. interest accrued; international transactions and transactions via internet; 
  • Time – Making utility payments through remote banking means or system; 
  • Security – losing the card eliminates the loss of money on the account.