SMS Banking

VTB Bank (Georgia) offers you SMS Banking service through which you will be able to instantaneously receive information on transactions made on your accounts and to implement banking transactions via SMS messages.

VTB Bank (Georgia) offers two packages of SMS Banking:

SMS STANDARD - receive following information without any registration or a fee:

  • Information on released transfers and debit operations;
  • Reminders on due debt repayments.

SMS ADVANCED – registration of the service is available at any branch office of the Bank or by calling a hotline: 2 24 24 24
Configuration of specific SMS BANKING service parameters is also possible via internet bank – iVTB 

If you register for the SMS ADVANCED service, you will receive following information:

  • Information on depositions to the account and credit operations
  • Information on currency exchange operations, executed on the account
  • Information on cancelled/rejected transactions
  • Information on statuses of transactions, envisioned by the permanent payment orders
  • Information on blocking/unblocking the card
Besides, by sending combinations of symbols described below to the short numbers of the Bank 1505; 91555; 595242424 you can receive following information or apply for execution of banking operation:

  • MOB - mobile top-up (maximum permissible amount – 30 GEL): 
– Own account – MOB#amount#last 4 digits of the card;
– Toping-up other mobile phone – MOB#amount#last 4 digits of the card#mobile phone number
Mentioned information shall be separated using any symbol (*, #, comma, full stop, space and etc.).

  • A - information on available and blocked amounts on the card account with last 4 digits of the card
  • AC - information on available amounts on the current account
  • B - card blocking; mentioned operation is multi-stage: the client is replied with the list of valid cards and their last 4 digits. The client shall reply back to the bank and indicate last 4 digits of the card to be blocked.
  • C - currency exchange rates
  • P - balance of bonus points
  • ? - SMS Banking codes and their definitions
  • D - Balance/blocked amounts of card accounts
  • L - current loan debts
  • i - information on existence of the collection
  • OFF - cancellation of the SMS ADVANCED package

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Monthly service fee:       
Products and package proposals SMS STANDARD SMS ADVANCED
Package Proposal STANDARD

Servicing fee is included
in the price of the package
offer/product servicing

Servicing fee is included 
in the price of the package
offer/product servicing 
Package Proposal CLASSIC
Package Proposal GOLD
Salary Project STANDARD
Salary Project PRIORITY
Deposit serving account
Saving Card
Retail Products 1.5 GEL