VTB Mobile-new way of interacting with the bank

VTB Mobile-new way of interacting with the bank
Mobile Bank application for mobile phones with iOS and ANDROID Operating Systems

VTB Mobile gives You the ability remotely at any time of a day or night to manage Your accounts, to make  transfers, obtain information on loans and deposits, to pay for utilities and other services  via mobile phone. 

By means of VTB Mobile it is possible to:

  • Obtain information on Your card and current accounts
  • Check the balance of concrete account out
  • Obtain information on total balances in view of Your products
  • Check Your total assets and liabilities out
  • Receive a statement
  • View transactions details
  • Send account number/Data using the phone current standard communicational functionality (SMS, E-mail, Skype, FB Messenger, Viber. . .)
    • Between own accounts
    • Within the bank
    • In operating banks of Georgia (GEL)
  • Exchange the amount
  • Make utilities and other services payments
  • Create regular payment order
  • Create and use templates
  • Top-up the balance of mobile phone
  • Obtain information on Your deposits and loans
  • View history and schedule of loan payments
  • Refill the deposit
  • Repay a loan
  • Obtain information on Your bank cards
  • Block/unblock the card
  • Find out the exchange rates
  • Find the nearest branch or ATM
  • Learn the news
  • Carry on the correspondence with Bank using the mailbox
  • Fill and send applications to the Bank:
  • Order a card
  • Open an account
  • Open a deposit
  • Send loan application
  • Denominate the account
  • Change the password
    • Call to the hot line
    • Send short text messages to the Bank
    • Shoot an e-mail to the Bank
    • Visit Bank’s website
    • Visit official page of the Bank on Facebook
  • Prior an authorization to learn Bank application by means of integrated demo version

Brand New!

Entering VTB Mobile application from iOS operated mobile devices (5S and later) is possible using a “Finger Print” feature.

For activating aforementioned feature:

  • Necessarily activate standard iPhone “Finger Print” feature for unblocking mobile device;
  • Select “Finger Print” in a parameters’ block of a left main menu, press “Activate” button and follow the instructions.

Downloading and registration of application

To download the application visit the App Store / Play Store, specify the name of application in a search field - VTB Mobile (or VTB, mobile banking, VTB Georgia mobile banking, VTB Georgia, VTB bank Georgia, VTB Georgian) or scam the relevant QR Code and then click the INSTALL button. Application is free.

For product registration, please, visit any branch of “VTB Bank (Georgia)”.

In case of using VTB Bank’s call-service, you can pass registration remotely by calling to the hot line of the bank: +995 32 224 24 24

After registration you’ll receive user name and password of VTB Mobile to enter the application.


VTB Bank (Georgia) by virtue of cutting edge technologies gives proper care to ensure customers’ security, although it is recommended that the customers follow the security guidelines.

You should consider that VTB Mobile bank application has access to your mobile phone’s: 

  • External Storage
  • Location (through GPS & network);
According to your location  application enables you to find the nearest ATM\branch  

  • List of contacts 
  • Text Messages  
Application automatically requires SMS authorization service  

Security measures:

  • Keep a close hold on  the device  on  which  VTB Mobile bank application is installed when you use the mobile bank app.
  • Do not disclose your mobile bank username and password;
  • Do not send confidential information via email. The bank will never require you to send such information via email;
  • If you receive a letter containing such request immediately contact us on the following number +995 32 224 24 24 and promptly delete the letter.  
  • Do not keep confidential information (username, password, authorization code) in the computer, Internet or mobile phone; keep it only in password-protected files.  
  • For safety measures, press Exit button of the main left functional menu if you wish to terminate your current session; 
  • Enable the password-protection function on your mobile device;     

Be aware that:

  • Inactive sessions automatically terminate after “10” minutes of idle time.    
  • Your username and password are unique; they are protected by the new-generation password systems.    
  • Any transaction\transfer requires additional authorization.

Registration Free
Service Free
Fees for transactions Standard fees