iVTB - New way of interacting with the bank

New internet bank by VTB Bank - iVTB enables you remotely, any time 24/7, to manage your own accounts, to carry out transfers, to obtain information about loans and deposits, to make utilities and other bill payments, to create payment baskets, to order bank products and to send loan applications to the bank, with the function of Drag and Drop simply and quickly to implement the intended operation at the home page.

By means of iVTB it is possible to do the following:

  • To check information and balance about the particular account
  • To obtain information about accumulated balances existing at your accounts in the products profile
  • To check your summarized assets and liabilities
  • To obtain the account statement
  • to obtain dynamic statement with the parameters flexible administration functions
  • To see transaction details
  • To obtain and print information about account details
  • To see and print the documents
  • Transfers between the own accounts
  • Transfers within the bank
  • Transfers to the other operating banks of Georgia (GEL)
  • Transfers in foreign currencies
  • Exchange the amount
  • To make utility and other bill payments
  • To create payment baskets and to draft independently contents of each basket
  • To create regular payment orders (Standing Order)
  • To create automatic payment orders (Direct Debit)
  • To create and to apply for templates
  • Top-up the balance of mobile phone
  • To receive information about your deposits and loans
  • To see the loan payment history and schedule
  • To refill the deposit
  • To repay the loan
  • To obtain information about your bank cards
  • To block/unblock your card
  • To get information about currency exchange rates
  • To fill in and send application to the bank
  • To get familiarized with the bank offers
  • To get familiarized with and to receive the special offer destined for you
  • To get familiarized with the novelties
  • To keep correspondence with the bank, by means of the iVTB mail box
  • Denominate the account
  • To change your contact information
  • Configure informational SMS messages obtaining parameters, in the accounts profile

Obtaining of username and password

In order to register for the product visit any branch of VTB bank.
In case of applying for Call Service of VTB Bank, registration might be carried out remotely:

  • By calling the hotline - +995 32 224 24 24
  • From the internet bank authorization page www.ivtb.ge 
Once registered, you will get iVTB username and password.

If you are registered on VTB Mobile, you are able to access the new internet bank-iVTB without any additional registration, with VTB Mobile username and password


Login/authorization at Internet Bank is carried out by means of username, password and single use dynamic code, which will be sent to you by SMS.

With the purpose to secure your accounts, before logging into the internet bank, make sure you are at the following internet page www.ivtb.ge. That might be controlled by clicking the lock allocated at the browser or at the upper left corner of the page, where you will get the information about security certificates;

Do not leave computer/device uncontrolled, if authorized with the internet bank;

Do not disclose your password and username to other persons;

Do not keep confidential information (username, password, authorization code) in internet, computer or mobile phone in the files not protected with the password;

Do not send confidential information via an e-mail. The bank will never demand such information via e-mail; If you receive e-mail with any such demand, immediately, call the number +995 32 224 24 24, notify us regarding the indicated and delete the e-mail;

Upon completion of the work with the internet bank, with the purpose of security sign out by all means;

At the same time, be advised that in case of inactivity at the internet bank for 10 minutes, the session expires.

Registration Free of charge
Service Free of charge
Operations implementation   According to the accounts service tariffs