VTB Video Bank

VTB Video Bank - is an exclusive mobile application of JSC “VTB Bank (Georgia)”, which allows the clients of the bank to carry out any kind of cashless banking operations remotely, via direct communication with bank employee (using video calls). 

Clients may use Video Bank from 10.00 am. until 6 pm., Monday through Friday inclusive. 

Video Bank service is accessible through Video Banking Space, available at VTB Bank (Georgia) Central Branch (14 Chanturia Str.)

In order to use VTB Video Bank all you have to do is to download an app from Apple Store or Google Play Store and enter your username and password for Internet bank. Optionally, you can use Video Bank Services on a following link: https://videobank.ge 

This app allows users to:

Carry out banking operations

  • Transfer money to your own accounts or within the bank, in any currency desired
  • Transfer money to other’s accounts or other bank, in any currency desired
  • Money conversion
  • Receive information on your account balance, receive statement of an account and account details   
  • Carry out budget transfer operations   

Purchase banking products

  • Open current or card account  
  • Order credit and debit cards   
  • Open deposit
  • Send credit applications  
  • Register or cancel regular  orders   
  • Utilities payment
  • Register on remote services  
  • Receive\carry our money transfer   

Other services

  • Block and unblock a card
  • Register on remote services 
  • Receive information on bonus points  
  • Receive information on personal offers   
  • Receive information (Subscribe) on bank novelties    
  • Receive information on currency rates    

Most importantly, VTB Video Bank service including the registration is completely free of any charges. 

VTB Bank (Georgia) by virtue of cutting edge technologies gives proper care to ensure customers’ security, although it is recommended that the customers follow the security guidelines.

Be aware that video bank service has access to:    

  • External Storage
  • Camera and microphone
  • Text Messages
  • May temporarily disable the “sleep /wake” function in order to complete the ongoing tasks

Protection measures:

  • Before you log into the video banking session, make sure that you are entering the following web page: https://videobank.ge
  • Do not disclose your username, password and telephone code to any third person. Do not keep such information   in the computer, Internet; keep it only in password-protected files.
  • After the end of the session, please press the - „logout” button.
  • Do not send confidential information via email. The bank will never require you to send such information via email.