Everywhere like home

VTB Group and VTB Bank (Georgia) joint card service

“Everywhere like home” service of VTB Bank provides customers with the opportunity to enjoy ATM withdrawal fees of 0,5% in more than 6000 ATMs in Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Along with the main card, customers are entitled to request supplementary card for another person and, as soon as amount is deposited to the account, to withdraw cash in 7 countries enjoying home fees. 

New fees are valid for any type of VTB Bank cards.  

VTB Bank cards are the best way of settlement for trade in Georgia and worldwide. Manage your accounts with our card without visiting the bank. 

Obtain VTB Bank card of any type and enjoy the following advantages:

  • Settlement with any merchant worldwide;
  • Extensive ATM network at your disposal; 
  • Security and full confidentiality of financial operations;
  • No need to declare funds on your card account when crossing the borders; 
  • With VTB Group Bank Card, you are entitled to request supplementary card for another person, and as soon as funds are deposited, another person is able to withdraw cash with ‘home fee’ in 7 countries of the world. This offer enables you to transfer money faster and cheaper than any instant money transfer may enable you to.