VTB UNIVERSAL is a new debit card with all necessary functions of the VISA Card designed for your maximum comfort. Using this card you can manage your monetary amounts in any part of the world and pay for the goods/services more conveniently.

Card type VISA GOLD
Card currency GEL,USD,EUR,GBP,RUR
Card validity 4 years
Issuing card 0
Annual fee 110 GEL
Encashment fee abroad 0%
Minimum non-withdrawable balance
not requested

Opening account free
Monthly commission 1 GEL
Issuing card free
Annual fee 110 GEL
Card currency * GEL,USD,EUR,GBP,RUR
Urgent card issuing Annual fee + 15 GEL
Restoring card (forgotten PIN, damaged or lost card, etc) 5 GEL
Minimum non-withdrawable balance at the card account not requested
Accrual on the non-sanctioned overdrafting 0.1% on daily basis
Daily encashment limit
In VTB Bank (Georgia) unlimited
In other banks 3,000 USD or equivalent in other currency   
In ATMs 3,000 USD or equivalent in other currency
Daily limit of a deal 3,000 USD or equivalent in other currency   
Encashment fee
In VTB Bank (Georgia):
In GEL 0.6%, min. 1 GEL
In foreign currency 0.6%
In partner banks** Partner bank tariff +2%, min. 6 GEL, 3.5 USD/EUR/GBP, 125 RUR
In banks of Georgia and abroad Other bank tariff +2%, min. 6 GEL, 3.5 USD/EUR/GBP, 125 RUR
In VTB Bank ATM 0%
In partner bank ATM** 0%
In other bank ATM (Georgia) 2%, min. 6 GEL, 3.5 USD/EUR/GBP, 125 RUR
In other bank ATM abroad 0%
In ATM of VTB Group abroad*** 0%
Cashless settlement
Commission for settlement at trading points 0%
Commission for settlement via internet 0%
Within the bank free
Outside of the bank in GEL 0.1%, min. 1 GEL
Outside of the bank in foreign currency 0.2% min. equivalent of 15 USD in the respective currency
Including the card into the Stop-list
Local free
International 50 USD per week
Change of PIN code 1 GEL
Bonus products**** Internet banking
Call service
SMS service 
Standing Order 
Direct Debit

*3 currencies are opened by default GEL, USD, EUR. In case of client`s request, other currencies can be added RUR, GBP (free of charge)
** TBC Bank, Halykbank, BasisBank, Finka Bank, Caucasus Development Bank-Georgia
*** Tariff is active in the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Armenia
**** Free registration

Privileges of the card

  • Free ATM withdrawals abroad
  • Multi currency account
  • Free registration on the electronic products

VISA Discount Program for UNIVERSAL cardholders in Georgia