Card security service

Protect your card from illegal use by a third party (through ATMs, POS - terminals and Internet), both in Georgia and abroad.

Select necessary service pack of card security:



Standard +




Illegal ATM/ POS terminal transactions (limit)

1600 GEL

4800 GEL

8000 GEL

16000 GEL

24000 GEL

Similar internet transactions (limit)

800 GEL

1920 GEL

2400 GEL

3200 GEL

4800 GEL

Service commission


10 GEL

16 GEL

48 GEL

80 GEL

Card security service applies to VTB Bank (Georgia) debit and credit cards of any type (except business card). The service connection is possible both on new and existing cards.

Card security service conditions

Service period

1 year

Number of billable operations

5 consecutive illegal operations

For service connection visit any branch office of VTB bank (Georgia) and fill in the application.

When You Receive The Card:

  • Keep the card in a safe place so that third parties not had access to it.
  • Sign your card upon receipt in the signature field. This will help you avoid misunderstandings that can occur when further use of the card.
  • Do not give your plastic card or its requisites for use by third parties.
  • Do not give the number indicated on the card and the PIN that was delivered to you in a sealed envelope.
  • Never write down your PIN (personal identification number) anywhere, Memorize it.
  • If you receive a replacement card, be sure to destroy your old card by cutting it into four and discard the pieces.

When Transacting At The ATM:

  • Ensure that no one sees you enter your PIN (Personal Identification number).
  • Never allow a stranger to assist you while using an ATM.
  • After completing your transaction, secure your card and cash immediately. Always count your cash before leaving the ATM area and not outside it.
  • Do not leave your transaction record at the ATM. Shred it before discarding it.
  • Change your ATM PIN frequently, at least once a month

When using your card for shopping:

  • Use your card with merchants that you know and can trust. Never allow the shopkeeper to taken your card to a different shop / room for swiping it.
  • Make sure that your card is returned to you after completing a purchase; and be sure that the card that has been returned is your own.
  • After a purchase, always take your charge slip(s) with you.
  • Check receipts against your monthly billing statements to verify your card transactions. Report any unauthorized transaction(s) immediately

When using your card for purchases through the internet:

  • Make payments only from your own computer where you installed the licensed anti-virus software which is updated regularly.
  • Use the web sites of reputable organizations and companies.
  • On the web site must be specified logo of payment system which was used to make payments.
  • Connection with web site on which card requisites should be entered must be secured (the address of the web site should begin with https:// and in the lower right corner of the browser must be specified „closed lock“ symbol).
  • Check the web address to make sure you are on the correct site. And in case of any doubt do not enter requisites of your card.
  • To purchase goods or services through the Internet is not necessary to enter the PIN code of the card! To effect a payment, it is enough to specify your name, surname, card number, expiry date and CVC2/CVV2 code (in any cases is also required to specify additional personal information).
  • Make payments by basic credit card on which your main funds are located is not safe. To make Internet payments is recommended to use a separate card with limited volume of transactions.

Contact us:

  • In case of loss/theft of the card.
  • In case of detection of illegal transactions.
  • If your card is no longer functioning.
  • For notification of the unauthorized transaction.

Please remember that VTB Bank (Georgia) and “IC Group” company employees do not send unsolicited email messages or make unsolicited phone calls with the requirements to provide, update or confirm your card details (card number, period of validity, PIN, CVC2/CVV2 , code word, internet bank user and password). Do not click on the link provided in the e-mail.

In case you receive an e-mail or a short text messages about winning of the prize, blocking of the card or about unfamiliar transaction, don not contact with the sender of the message and do not share your data.

In the event of loss of your card or for any other reason, to block the card, please contact us within 24 hours on the following number: (+995 32) 224 24 24

Card Account Security Service Terms and Conditions