Demand Deposit

If you wish to save, but are unwilling to be constrained by the additional limitations, the on-demand deposit will be the best choice.
Opening on-demand deposit you shall just deposit the initial amount and, at the same time, you have total freedom of managing your money, since you can withdraw your saving at any time.

Opening a deposit account free
Currency of deposit GEL/USD
Minimum amount 10 units
Additional payment Unlimited
Maximum nominal interest 4%
Maximum effective interest 4.07%
Term of deposit 36 months
deposit management
Interest withdrawal monthly, according to the principle of compound interest

Annual interest rate on the daily balance

Month rate GEL USD

Nominal 4% 0.7%
Effective 4.07% 0.7%


  • Opening deposit is free of charge
  • Deposit can be in GEL / USD
  • Deposit management is permitted 
  • High interest rate will be applied
  • The accrued interest rate can be withdrawn monthly, according to the principle of compound interest