Child Deposit

From secured childhood to secured future

Save for children from their very childhood. Regularly saving little amounts, you will be able to accumulate the significant capital and ensure better education of your child.

Opening a deposit account free
Currency of deposit GEL/USD/EUR
Minimum amount 10 units
Additional monthly payment Unlimited
Maximum nominal interest 11%
Maximum effective interest 11.57%
Term of deposit 2 years – till the child becomes of age
Withdrawal of part of the deposit no
Interest accrual annual

Annual interest at the end of the term:


2 years–till the child becomes of age
Nominal 11% 3.5% 1%
Effective 11.57% 3.58% 1%
Note: Term of Child deposit - 2 years 


  • Opening deposit is free of charge
  • Deposit can be in GEL / USD / EUR
  • High interest rate will be applied
  • Annual interest accrual on the basis of compound interest terms. The amount of accrued interest is added to the principal amount and in the next period interest accrues to the increased amount
  • The term can be automatically prolonged