Loans with deposit collaterals

The loans with deposit collaterals are developed specially for VTB Bank depositors.
The loans can be received without presenting any documents, within just one hour!
You do not pay any commission for the loan.

Interest rate Deposit interest rate + 4%
Effective interest rate from 4.10%
Minimum loan amount GEL 100
Maximum loan amount Deposit amount
Loan term Deposit term
Loan currency GEL, USD, EUR
Upfront Commission fee
Redemption penalty

Loans up to 100,000 GEL are disbursed in national currency

Advantages of loan with deposit collateral

  • Free repayment schedule
  • Low interest rate
  • Loan is issued for any purpose

Special offer:

You can receive loan in currency different from the deposit currency

The loans with deposit collateral can be received only by the depositors of VTB Bank

Documents necessary to receive the loan:

  • ID


  • Term deposit

Requirements towards the borrower:

  • The borrower shall have valid term deposit in VTB Bank Georgia