Overdraft is simple and short-term loan, which allows you using the additional amounts, when there is not sufficient money on your card.

Annual interest rate From 14%
Effective interest rate From 16.20%
Maximum limit amount 100% of the salary (max. GEL 15,000 )
Overdraft limit term 1 year (with automatic prolongation)
Upfront Commission fee
Redemption penalty

Overdraft limit currency GEL
Limit term 1 year (with automatic prolongation)
Limit amount 100% of the salary (max. GEL 15,000)
annual interest rate from 14%
Effective interest rate from 16.20%
Minimum payable amount 10% of used amount + accrued interest + imposed fine (if any)
Overdue penalty 1% of the overdue amount for each day of delay
Non-sanctioned expenditure of the commission 0.1% on daily basis
Cashless settlement  
Commission for settlement at trading points 0%
Commission for settlement via internet 0%

* TBC Bank, Halykbank, BasisBank,Finka Bank, Caucasus Development Bank-Georgia
** Tariff is active in the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Armenia

Advantages of salary overdraft:

  • Overdraft approved within 1 day
  • The interest rate is accrued on the actually spent amount
  • Issued for any purposes

The salary overdraft can be issued only to the customers participating in VTB Bank salary project

Documents necessary to receive the loan:

  • ID


  • Not required

Main requirements towards the borrower:

  • Minimum monthly income of GEL 100