Express POS Credit

Time to fulfill your desires

Would you like to purchase the desirable household appliance, mobile phone or computer?! Use the Express POS Credit of VTB Bank.

Interest rate from 0%
Effective interest rate From 1.62% (if Loan amount is 5000 GEL)
From 5.43% (if Loan amount is 1500 GEL)
Minimum loan amount GEL 100
Maximum loan amount GEL 5,000
Loan term Up to 24
Loan currency GEL
Contribution by customer From 0%
Commission fee 2 GEL monthly
Upfront Commission fee
from 0%
Redemption penalty
from 0%


  • Issued only on basis of ID presentation
  • Decision made maximum within 10 minutes
  • No income prove is required.

Express POS Credit can be issued to VTB Bank customers, as well as to the customers of any bank operating at Georgian market

Documents necessary to receive the loan:

  • ID


  • Not required

Requirements towards the borrower:

  • Georgian citizenship
  • Age – 20-65 (including the loan term) 

List of the partnering shops in Express POS Credit (Tbilisi)

List of the partnering shops in Express POS Credit (Regions)