VTB Bank and "Bau Star"

We offer to your attention joint project of VTB Bank and construction company "Bau Star". 

Each individual has the opportunity to buy an apartment on VTB Bank mortgage loan at the most favorable price only on the basis of identity card.

Annual interest rate 12.25% in GEL
10% in USD
8% in EUR
Effective interest rate from 14.05% in GEL
from 11.52% in USD
from 9.32% in EUR
Loan term up to 120 month
Co-financing from 20%
Loan issuance 
on the basis of identity card
Upfront Commission fee
from 1%
Redemption penalty
from 0% to 2%
life insurance
23-65 years

Loans up to 100,000 GEL are disbursed in national currency

For further information, please contact us:
VTB Bank information center 224 24 24

Construction company "Bau Star"
+995 596 04 09 09
+995 591 71 10 00