Universal mortgage

You need the large amount of money and usual consumer loan is not enough? Use the universal mortgage of VTB Bank – this is the optimum way of receiving large amounts of money with the real estate collateral, without contribution and control of the purpose.

Interest rate 12.5% in GEL
10% in USD
8% in EUR
Effective interest rate from 13.90% in GEL
from 11.10% in USD
from 8.91% in EUR
Maximum loan amount USD/EUR 100,000, GEL 250,000
Maximum loan term 10 years
Loan currency GEL, USD, EUR
Contribution by the customer Not required
Upfront Commission fee
Redemption penalty
0% - 2%
Insurance Real estate

Loans up to 100,000 GEL are disbursed in national currency

Advantages of universal mortgage:

  • Minimum contribution by the customer not required
  • Long-term loan repayment schedule
  • Low interest rate
  • Loan is issued for any purpose

Documents necessary to receive the loan:

  • Documents confirming incomes


  • Real estate owned by the borrower or real estate owned by the third person

Main requirements towards the borrower:

  • Minimum monthly income of GEL 300 for Tbilisi, GEL 100 for the other cities
  • Minimum 3 months of working experience
  • The incomes shall be received at any of the banks operating at Georgian market
  • Age – 20-65 (including the loan term)