Purpose mortgage

Our  home – our precious personal space where we feel happy!   It was never so simple to purchase the house! 

Purchase the apartment or refinance the existing mortgage loan!

Make repair or build the desirable house!

Interest rate 10.5% in GEL
from 6.5% in EUR
from 7.5% in USD
Effective interest rate from 11.57% in GEL
from 7.11% in EUR
from 8.18% in USD
Maximum loan amount USD 500,000, GEL/EUR 400,000
Maximum loan term 15 years
Loan currency GEL, USD, EUR
Contribution by the customer From 0%
Upfront Commission fee
from 0.5%
Redemption penalty
0% - 2%
Insurance Real estate

Loans up to 100,000 GEL are disbursed in national currency

Advantages of mortgage loan:

  • Long-term repayment schedule
  • The lowest interest rate
  • Simple procedure to get a loan
  • The shortest term of loan approval


  • Real estate owned/to be purchased by the borrower or real estate owned by the third person

Documents necessary to receive the loan:

  • Documents confirming the incomes;
  • ID;
  • Registration document of the estate to be purchased.

Main requirements towards the borrower:

  • Minimum monthly income of GEL 1,000
  • Minimum 6 months of working experience
  • The incomes shall be received at any of the banks operating at Georgian market
  • Age – 23-65 (including the loan term)