Agro Standard Loan

If your business in need of attracting additional funds for developing of the agricultural activities and/or filling up of any kind of the temporary financial deficit, VTB Bank offers you the agro standard loan at flexible and convenient for you terms.

Maximum amount of loan Up to 2,500,000 GEL
Currency GEL/USD/EUR
Term of the loan 1-84 months
Repayment schedule Equal / unequal monthly instalments
Maximum allowance period* 11 months
Purpose Fixed / operating assets, real estate
Collateral Quick assets

* Allowance period is determined on basis of seasonality of your agro business, and the installments for such allowance months is reduced or totally eliminated, and the respective amount reallocated for the non-allowance period.

Advantages of agro standard loan:

  • Possibility of attracting additional funds exactly when and in the amounts you need;
  • Existence of the long allowance period allows tailoring repayment schedule to the specificity and seasonality of your agro business;
  • Loan issued for the needs of your business, for any purpose.
  • Agro business activities of the creditor shall be in compliance with the country’s legislation and shall not contradict with the funding policies of the Bank;
  • The client shall have at least one-season experience of working in agro business;

For the additional information please apply the nearest branch of the Bank.