Loan with deposit collateral

Instrument for better management of your funds

If you have the term deposit in VTB Bank and you need money till its term expires, it is not necessary to withdraw the deposit and lose the accrued interest.

VTB Bank offers you the loan with deposit collateral, which allows you receiving the beneficial loan and, at the same time, not losing the high interest accrued on the deposit.

Advantages of the loan with deposit collateral:

  • The interest accrued on the deposit is more than the interest amount paid for the loan;
  • Free repayment schedule;
  • Loan issuance/repayment without any commission;
  • Automatic prolongation of the loan and deposit;
  • Simple loan issuance procedure – requires just few hours;
  • Loan is issued upon presentation of just ID.
  • The deposit amount shall be more than the requested loan amount;
  • The loan term shall not exceed the deposit term;
  • The annual interest rate of the loan makes interest rate of the deposit + up to 4%.
  • The loan can also be issued against the collateral of the third party deposit.

For the additional information please apply the nearest branch of the Bank,