Remote Banking

The remote banking service systems are at your disposal 24 hours a day. Through them you can receive ongoing information on your card and current accounts at any point throughout the globe. Also you will be able to manage your funds.

Receiving information and managing is done through:

  • Internet banking;
  • Tele-banking;
  • Mobile banking;
  • SMS banking.
  • Payment of utility fees
  • Direct banking services

Through the remote banking, in on-line mode, you can:

  • receive full information on your bank accounts;
  • buy or sell currency;
  • make transfers in national or foreign currencies;
  • pay in the amount into the cards;
  • pay for utility, mobile communication, internet, long distance call and other services.

Internet bank (installation)                                                     Free of charge                                  
Internet bank monthly fee GEL 5
Installation of direct banking Free of charge
Direct banking monthly fee                                 GEL 50
SMS banking
monthly GEL 1
Call Service Free of charge
Mobile banking Free of charge