VTB Bank offers the staff of your company special salary program. The employees of the company using VTB Bank salary cards will timely receive their salaries and will be able to withdraw cash at any nearest ATM.

Advantages of the salary program

3 Main advantages for the organisation:

  • Financial resource – no financial costs connected with the salary payment involved: encashment, cashier, etc. 
  • Time resource – no time lost for paying salary: queues, procedures, etc.
  • Human resource – no need to hire additional staff at accounting department or additional cashier.

3 main advantages for the employees:

  • Financial – simplified access to the loan products; the consumer loans or credit cards – up to tenfold amount of the salary; salary overdrafts – 100% of the salary from 16% annual; international payments and payments by internet;
  • Saving time – payment of the utility service fees through remote banking;
  • Security – losing bank card does not mean losing money.